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Sailing batchelors party at Theewaterskloof

batchelor party sailingWhen Ian McLuckie asked his brother to arrange his batchelor party, he had no idea that a novel idea would be born.  School friends and early work mates were scattered around Africa, UK and Europe. The idea was to have an active day of Sailing Instruction on the beautiful Theewaterskloof dam with a party in the evening, and accommodation for the night. On the morning of Sat 30th April, a total of 14 guys arrived by air and road for a batchelor party with a difference.

Everyone was kitted out with lifejackets and then, guided and instructed by Accredited Instructors, the guys spent the morning "learning the ropes" with attendant Safety boat. Being a fairly outdoor group, the students became sailors very quickly. During a lunch of traditional boerewors rolls, the group decided that the time was right for an afternoon sail around the natural bays of Theewatersklof on our fleet of Topaz Race X dinghies and Hobie 16 catamarans.After several hours of exploring, we beached the boats for a refreshment break which allowed all to soak up some sun, with chilled watermelon served from Safety boat.

sailing batchelor partyOn return from the days sailing, after hot showers, the party started in earnest around an indoor barbecue fire in the "Afdak". Fires were lit, a couple of beers were opened, whilst everyone was exchanging their "war stories" from their days sailing adventure. Courtesy of the 3 Instructors, the group and the groom were introduced to "Rusty Anchors" (a drink emerging from the mists of time when the daily tot of rum was still issued to the navy, particularly in the Gibralter area).  After much laughter, celebrations, and feasting on typical South African "braai" (barbeque) the party tumbled into their beds in a large historic Army tent, pitched under the trees at the water's edge.

Hot breakfasts were served in the morning - not too early please - 10am saw everyone recovered and ready to hit the road.

All agreed that it had been a great event, and that they should all gather together to do it again in the future.

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